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There isn’t a more unlikely contemporary “dance” music than Chicago footwork, a 15-year regional style where manic jackhammer hi-hats and popcorn tom-toms phase uncomfortably against (or float miraculously above!) slow-flow house grooves and hand-punched MPC morse code. Of the genre’s leading lights (which includes DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and DJ Roc), Traxman’s 2012 debut, The Mind Of Traxman proves he is the absolute best at devouring outside influences, whether they be African mbira melodies (“Footworkin on Air”), hypnagogic pop (“Conq Dat Bitch”), or moshworthy rap-rock (“Let There Be Rockkkkk”). Panda Bear: I only listen to that record. I only heard it a week ago. That footwork stuff feels like it doesn’t really have an obvious point of reference. I think that’s what’s really exciting about it.

Avey Tare Yeah, it feels really alien. Our friend kind of pointed that record out to me, he played me that record in his car. He just put this new sub-system in his car. This is crazy. It might end up being my favorite record of the year. I like that it has a Steve Reich kind of [feel] — the repetitive vocal samples looped, they rhythms suddenly change.

Panda Bear: It’s really relentless.

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