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The Orb / Photo by Getty ImagesAlex Paterson’s long-running house project united the psychedelic animating energies of both dubby electronica and English pastoral ambience. On 1991’s The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Underworld and the following year’s U.F.Orb, Paterson employed nature samples, towering bass-scapes, limpid textures and throbbing synths into a sylvan, hypnotic, and mind-melting whole.

Panda Bear: The Orb I listened to in high school. I stayed with a family in Pennsylvania. It wasn’t a boarding school, but a high school version of this type of education. So I stayed with another family there during the week. Their son had just graduated and gone to college, so I moved into his room. And there was an Orb CD in the room, U.F.Orb. It was like nothing I ever heard before. [I learned] it’s not just radio music or classical music: There’s other ways of doing it.

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