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Stream Solos’ Michael Jackson-Covering ‘Beast of Both Worlds’: New LP From Hella’s Spencer Seim

Don’t let Death Grips hog the news day! Hella’s wheedlier half is working hard in his band, Solos, whose debut album Beast of Both Worlds is out tomorrow via Joyful Noise. When we premiered it’s first track, “Carpe Diem,” back in July , we said it was “the folk-metal-gone-Stravinsky twurk of the new Dirty Projectors combined with the laser-fueled tech-pop of post-Hella popsters like Yeasayer, Tame Impala or Mae Shi.” Well, the 48-minute whole is so, so much more: It makes room for Styx-ian harmonies (“All My Tribulations”), Anticon-style wistful-hop (“Damsel Distressed”), and funkadfied Mars Volta-lite (“Schooled Fools”), and a full cover of Michael Jackson’s incendiary 1996 single “They Don’t Care About Us” (don’t worry, they do the edited version without the racial slurs). Hear the whole monster below!