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In Calcutta, Prince Rama would refer to the avatar of Lord Vishnu, but in Brooklyn, Prince Rama is Taraka & Nimai Larson, two sisters reared in a Floridian Hare Krishna sect. Their band has a bit of New Age synth sheen, but the “Hare Hare” chants of this ecstatic music is undercut by heavy dose of decidedly unholy Amon Düül II drug drums. Their 2010 album Shadow Temple was produced by Avey Tare and Deakin and released on their Paw Tracks label.

Avey Tare: They just kind of floored me the first time I saw them live at SXSW. I think it was like 2010, maybe. I went down there to DJ and just went down early to check out some stuff. I didn’t know any of the bands and they just started playing. A lot of the best musical experiences I’ve had just happened suddenly and out of the blue like that.

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