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Muse Find Love in the Time of ‘Madness’ in Dystopian Video

Commuting is rarely pleasant even under the most ideal circumstances. In Muse’s video for U2-shimmery wub-pop wuv song “Madness,” from the soon-to-be Saturday Night Live guests‘ October 2 album The 2nd Law, some kind of — yup — madness takes over the London subway. The band evinces earnestness from the shadows as a SWAT team descends, a riot breaks out, and cigarette-smoking is inexplicably allowed (it looks cool). Meanwhile, our model-like heroine enjoys a connection worth writing Craigslist about the next morning. If there ever is another morning. The dark, brooding clip is directed by frequent Rihanna collaborator Anthony Mandler, so we should’ve expected Muse might find love in a hopeless place.