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No Direction: SPIN Live Blogs MTV’s 2012 Video Music Awards

The VMAs! / Photo by Getty Images

Since the “M” in MTV apparently stands for “Mitt Romney,” they are working non-stop tonight to divert your attention from the sinners and socialists at the Democratic National Convention! MTV has enlisted everything from Justin Bieber’s hulking sex appeal, to 2 Chainz’s colorful jewelry, to whatever hypnotic hold One Direction has over our nation’s youth. It’s all to get you, the TV viewer, to ignore exciting policy debates and instead watch dry, colorless performances by Rihanna, Green Day, and Taylor Swift, all completely free of pyrotechnics and flashy antics. Come hang out with SPIN editors Caryn Ganz and Christopher R. Weingarten as they fight the temptation to see John Kerry’s kinetic speechwork and instead watch Nicki Minaj pilot the propaganda machine!