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Matt & Kim Drop YOLO-Friendly New Single ‘Now’

Matt & Kim

Cheer addicts Matt and Kim have just dropped the second single from their fourth LP Lightning, due out October 2. The new song “Now,” streaming via the lyric video below, is a breakneck romp through punky, propulsive electronica — a rah-rah raise-up fall-down rock-out anthem whose message is in league with Drake’s YOLO motto: “I know that things aren’t perfect / But let’s make tonight perfect.”

The clip itself is potentially seizure inducing, but nicely highlights Matt’s sweet-n-sour metaphors about worn out drum sets, hole-y socks and dulled knives. As always, there’s a barely perceptible darkness lurking behind all that unrestrained glee, and Kim’s kit-crushing drumming keeps aggression levels nice and high, even through the halftime slightly EDM-ish drops peppered throughout.

Matt talked to SPIN about Lightning in July. “With [2010’s] Sidewalks, we felt there was a lot going on in the songs. In a way, the safest thing you can do with a song is to make it have a lot of stuff. The more you put on, the less the actual songwriting is exposed. For the new album, I was excited to do as little possible to the songs production-wise and still have them be strong.”