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Based (Rock) God? Lil B Goes Surf Pop for ‘California Boy’

Lil B Goes Rock California Boy

It’s long been evident that Lil B is bigger than hip-hop, so it should come as no surprise that the Based God has blessed rock’n’roll with his presence at last. He’s released a brand new song and accompanying video, dubbed “California Boy,” and it’s a garage surf-pop single that hails from an untitled upcoming rock album.

The clip alternates between shots of B jamming with a three-piece and roaming the UC Berkeley campus with a young blonde who could have been the song’s inspiration: “Every time I see those light blue eyes/ I start to think about you and I… Yeah, I look kinda strange but it’s okay.” Because at the end of the day, even the Based God is still “just a California Boy.” One who doesn’t use Auto Tune, as he proclaimed on Facebook. (Yup, noted!)

It’s a sweet song whose feel-good nature speaks for itself, so save the scrutiny for the man’s next gloriously layered rap tape or existentially probing lecture. Also worth noting: while he’s no king of the beach, as far as Lil rappers breaking into guitar music, this is shaping up to be at least more promising than the unholy mess that was Wayne’s Rebirth.