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Too Hot to Handle, the 1977 debut from this incredibly funky crew, is a disco era essential. Behind the enduring dance floor anthem “Boogie Nights” is a deeply psychedelic sway and rhythmic pulse — though the sweetly swooning “Always and Forever” speaks for itself. English keyboardist Rod Temperton wrote every song, but Heatwave’s character and charm came from its sibling singers Johnnie and Keith Wilder, American servicemen who stayed abroad after discharge, gigging their way through the bars of Europe.

Avey Tare: The band Heatwave I’ve been getting really into. I feel like they do harmonies and vocal stuff in a way that seems very sweet and refreshing that seems sometimes really playful. You know, it’s like soul-disco, funk kind of music. The songwriting and the arrangements are all really complicated and sweet but then there’s this really playful side to the vocals I’ve been really getting into. Heatwave we definitely would listen to while writing the new stuff.

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