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Practice space-mates with Animal Collective in the heady early aughts and comrades ever since, Gang Gang Dance’s art-groove moves grew from the same lysergic Brooklyn soil. The rare contemporary act that Animal Collective has repeatedly claimed allegiance with, the Gang Gang gang’s own beat obfuscation has evolved in parallel towards bigger and more drippingly dense targets. With 2011’s Eye Contact being the glistening New Wave yin to Centipede Hz‘s day-glo yang, both continue to follow their psychedelic marching orders into new paths.

Geologist: We sort of try to fight nostalgia a lot, at least aesthetically. We’re not interested in nostalgia because it’s in opposition to the spirit of what psychedelic music is to try and sound exactly like it. At their time their music was really forward thinking and trying to push boundaries. So we’ve always said we should be more interested in the spirit of that stuff than the sonics of it. Especially Dave, he used to rail against that stuff. He thought nostalgia was counterproductive. The bands that we’re friendly with — Black Dice, Gang Gang Dance — sort of approach music in the same way.

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