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Flying Lotus Drops Chipmunk Soul Remix of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You’

Flying Lotus and Frank Ocean / Photos via Getty Images

Los Angeles electronic auteur Flying Lotus caused some confusion when he leaked an unfinished remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” on Twitter last night. Called “Binge Eating Without You,” the track seems to be little more than the original pitched-up and percuss’ed. It’s PBR&B meets Chipmunk Soul, with some additional blips and jungle drums in the mix.

The song has scooped up nearly 60,000 plays via SoundCloud in past 16 hours, but it’s also gotten a fair share of negative comments. One user implied that Lotus is “trolling” his listeners. Clearly not the case, but another fan seemed more or less on point with “WTF?” The producer is famous for his high standards, but he’s also known to overshare from time to time.

And sure enough, Lotus hopped back on Twitter this morning with a follow-up: “Got too wasted last night posting unfinished music haha that shit is coming down in a bit.” So stream this unpolished gem while you can. It’s a rare unfiltered look into Lotus’ process. We know it’s early in the day, but it probably sounds pretty great if you’re wasted too.

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