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Dirty Projectors ‘About to Die’ on New EP, About to Kill at Carnegie Hall

Dirty Projectors' 'About to Die' EP

“About to Die,” a slinky, sinuous standout from Dirty Projectors’ SPIN Essentials-honored new album Swing Lo Magellan, “is a ‘Thriller’-style song,” the New York band’s mastermind David Longstreth told SPIN almost a year ago. “It’s like a monster song, except the monster is the looming specter of meaninglessness and existential nausea,” Longstreth said, with a laugh. “It’s actually a really funny song.”

That twistily melodic, uproariously anomic monster will take on new life November 6, when Dirty Projectors release their new About to Die EP on digital and 12-inch vinyl formats, the band announced today. The EP sets the Swing Lo Magellan track alongside three new songs. Also today, the DPs unloaded an elegant new video for “About to Die,” which includes imagery from the Longstreth-directed 20-minute film Hi Custodian. Spoiler (not really): Longstreth doesn’t die in the video, but one day this spinning ball of rock we call Earth will crash into the sun and no one will know or care that we were ever alive. Ha, ha!

Dirty Projectors aren’t taking the futility of existence lying down, however. After their current world tour, the band will make stop at Carnegie Hall, following in the hallowed footsteps of Jay-Z and Das Racist. You think Nausea-authoring existentialist Sartre ever played Carnegie Hall? Oh wait, he did? Boo.

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About to Die EP track list:
1. “About To Die”
2. “While You’re Here”
3. “Here Til It Says I’m Not”
4. “Simple Request”