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Did Araabmuzik’s ‘Electronic Dream 2’ Leak?


“You are now listening to Araabmuzik.” That telltale voice is back, and so is Abraham “Araabmuzik” Orellana, the MPC champion and Dipset producer turned EDM acolyte, whose Electronic Dream 2 appeared on eMusic yesterday, with no advance warning.

Or is he back? Just a few hours after London’s FACT announced the album’s arrival, Orellana tweeted, “ED2 is not coming out yet,” asking his followers to disregard “the tracklist and cover on”

But the album certainly sounds like Araabmuzik, from its dubstep swagger to its gossamer synthesizers, and the phantom Electronic Dream 2 is not the work of an impostor. “The release was actually not fake,” a source tells SPIN. Instead, it was a “deleted version,” not meant for public distribution, that slipped through the cracks somewhere between label, distributor, and retailer.

Gustavo Guerra, a member of Araabmuzik’s management team, told me, “That was a mistake — FACT magazine did not get the real facts on that one.”

When asked if the release was a fake or an erroneous delivery from Duke Productions to the distributor, Guerra said only, “There was a glitch that wasn’t supposed to happen, that happened.”

Does that mean the leaked version is an early version of the actual Electronic Dream 2? “That’s not the album,” Guerra replied. “That’s not the album. That is not the album.”

In other words, you may now be listening to Araabmuzik — just not “the album.”