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Found sounds and lo-fi hiss are the benchmarks of this Seattle-based group, which started off in 1993 as a duo (who are neither golden nor twins; we did not fact-check their climaxing ability). Rock was such a foreign language to these musique concrète miscreants they put out a tongue-in-cheek Rock Album, containing 20 short bursts of proggy distortion ‘n’ backbeat fury. Over the years, they added new members and associates, and one of those, Scott Colburn, went on to record sounds for a little LP called Feels. Geologist: [On “Fireworks”] there’s a field recordings that Dave made of kids playing in a busted fire hydrant in the street. The idea of field recordings, for us, came a lot from someone like Luc Ferrari or even a band like Climax Golden Twins. The idea that you could put field recordings in records and transport people to a physical space and that conjures up memories and emotions.

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