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Best Coast Cover Nirvana’s ‘About a Girl’ as ‘Nevermind’ Turns 21

Best Coast covers Nirvana "About a Girl"

Best Coast played Brussels on Sunday night where they delivered an unexpected gem. “We’ll play a Nirvana cover now. Feel free to film it,” declared singer Bethany Cosentino before launching into “About a Girl.” Film it someone did, of course, and now the world can see Bobb Bruno shredding to some vintage grunge revisited, via Pigeons and Planes.

The cover was a few days early — and culled from the wrong Nirvana album — to have been a deliberate tribute to Nevermind, which turns 21 today, but that’s one reason why we’re posting it now. (We could trot it out again in exactly one month: the version of “About a Girl” the band made famous on 1994’s MTV Unplugged celebrates its 18th birthday on October 24; the original, of course, appeared on 1989’s Bleach.) The song’s hooky fuzz seems to fit the So Cal surf-poppers’ dirty fizz just about perfectly. Assuming Green Day’s arena tour is still on, Best Coast will be covering a lot of ground come January.

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