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Ben Folds Five Return With ‘Erase Me’: Preview Their First LP in 13 Years

Ben Folds Five

It’s been 13 years since seminal piano-poppers Ben Folds Five released a proper album, but the ringing silence (is that a diminished seventh we hear?) shall come to an end on September 18 with the arrival of The Sound of the Life of the Mind. Actually, let’s push that date up to now, since SPIN has a fresh stream of the forthcoming long-player’s first official premiere, “Erase Me.”

The brand new song takes on a tried and true topic for the Folds: love gone wrong. Between the soulful psych passages reminiscent of Rodriguez and the blurty falsetto’ed piano-pounding sections, “Erase Me” covers a lot of ground with impressive energy and astounding grace. Honestly, it’s awesome. And a clear case-maker that the world needs its BFF back.

In case you were wondering, the LP’s unwieldy title comes from the name of a collaboration therein with High Fidelity author Nick Hornby. He and Folds made an album together in 2010. That Ke$ha cover last year was fun, but this is shaping up to be a proper return. Dig in.