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Watch Baron Von Luxxury’s Sci-Fi ‘Glass Candy’ Video

Two days in California’s arid and aptly named Death Valley is two days too long, but Baron Von Luxxury isn’t the type to take half measures. The Los Angeles-based electro-pop lothario embodies the sort of character that Beck only took an album-length stab at circa Midnight Vultures, and his act, while playful, isn’t exactly irreverent. The Baron’s new LP The Last Seduction pays tribute to his dear, departed friend Theresa Duncan (she of the Scientology-related “Golden Suicides”) and his new single “Glass Candy” is a sincere dedication to the Portland disco revisionists of the same name. We’ll let BVL tell it:

“I first heard Glass Candy’s “I Always Say Yes,” one of the very first songs of their (at the time) newly reinvented Italo disco sound, in 2005 on the blog 20jazzfunkgreats. I was instantly attracted to and devastated by the sound, because it was what I had been trying to make myself, but … worse. Yet better. Yet also just really different, but totally the same. By which I mean Glass Candy’s music was so much simpler, technically cruder, and yet infinitely more invested in emotion than the music I was working on at the time. The chasm between what I was trying to do and my doing it suddenly felt impossible to breach. I could tell we were coming from a similar place, chasing a similar idea, but Johnny Jewel had found it, and done it better. It was heartbreaking and I wanted to die.”

Thankfully, he pressed on and made this song instead, and now there’s an amazing music video to go with it. This clip comes courtesy of Brad Breeck, a former member of the Mae Shi and an impressively chopsy director. We can’t help but think of the totally sweet Gentlemen Broncos while watching this desert-shot dystopian dream. So what’s it about exactly? “I’m not fully sure but it seems to make perfect sense,” says the Baron. “We shot for two days in Death Valley and I had a bad back and a cold, so I was sort of miserable the whole time [but] I seem to recall that I spent most of that being dragged through the sand by my feet while wearing a fancy outfit.”