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Watch Slim Twig’s Charming, Lo-Fi ‘Gun Shy’ Video

A still from "Gun Shy"

Hey, how’s everyone doing today? Any out of towners? Where you from? Sheboygan? I spent a lifetime there one night! Seriously, though, folks we’re so happy to have the video for Slim Twig’s new single next up for you. This clip starts out with the comedy stylings of Toronto comedian Tom Henry, who delivers some hacktastic groaners at Twig’s expense. Once the non-comedy comedy intro is over the endearingly ramshackle video showcases the Canadian lo-fi rocker strumming a jangly, ringing tune in various grainy bucolic scenes. “Gun Shy” has a bit more rhythmic bite and melodic definition than much of Twig’s past (strong) work, and both the video and song are lovely late-summer charmers. But please: Don’t forget to tip your waitress.