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There’s Another Cyrus in Town! Hear Frank + Derol’s ‘Barely Love You Too’

Sister of Miley, daughter of Billy Ray emerges in new pop duo

Late-night lover’s muck comes to dreamy fruition in this debut single from Los Angeles duo Frank + Derol, whose angel voices scratch an itch somewhere between Ellie Goulding and Warpaint — they’re giving us dark moods but reaching heavenward nonetheless. The just-minimal-enough spiritedness of “Barely Love You Too” does their sweet pop melodies justice, while the exasperation of their spurned lyrics give them bite. “Stop these games / you got me feeling like I’m so insane / you know I’d tell you but I feel restrained.” We’ve been there, ladies. We predict this track will factor majorly in your future: Not only is it eminently singable, but Frank + Derol are comprised of classically trained pianist/singer Codi Caraco and guitarist/singer Brandi Cyrus — yes that Cyrus, sister of Miley, daughter of Billy Ray, bless his genes. (For the record, Codi’s singing lead on this one.) You can nearly hear Ryan Seacrest panting and salivating from here.