The Joy Formidable Roar Again With Stately ‘Wolf’s Law’

The Joy Formidable's Ritzy Bryan / Photo by Getty Images

The Joy Formidable don sheep’s clothing for the opening minute-plus of new song “The Wolf’s Law,” which the grandly noisy Welsh rockers posted on their Facebook page last night (via Listen Before You Buy).

The first new material we’ve heard from the group since last year’s impressively expansive The Big Roar begins as a tender, wispy piano ballad, but grows steadily to a searing, soaring conclusion. “I’m your friend, not your God,” singer-guitarist Ritzy Bryan acknowledges. The song, which you can download from the Joy Formidable’s site, also comes with a, well, heaven’s-eye-view video, including black-and-white imagery of the natural world, a human birth, and even outer space.

It’s unclear if “Wolf’s Law” will appear on the Joy Formidable’s next album, but it’s certainly in keeping with Bryan’s description of the record so far: “I think a lot of the feel of this album is reconnecting with ourselves on an emotional and spiritual level,” she told SPIN’s Jeff Yerger in May. Sometimes a roar starts with a whisper.


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