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See My Morning Jacket’s Acid Test ‘Outta My System’ Video

While the Curiosity rover is up on Mars collecting dirt and taking pictures, My Morning Jacket are out exploring parts of the galaxy only reachable by pharmaceutical grade acid in their new video for “Outta My System.” The song endorses doing drugs just to get the desire to do those drugs “outta your system,” so of course the video is trippy as hell, with My Morning Jacket transformed into cartoon cyclops navigating an extraterrestrial automobile through the last half-hour of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even eternally stoned comedian Zach Galifianakis stops by as an animated wizard who sends MMJ on their psychedelic journey.

What follows is an Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test worth of visuals, including one-eyed owls, skulls, meat grinders floating in space, and the most shocking image, frontman Jim James wearing furry moon boots like Nicki Minaj. The band finally arrives on what could be Afrika Bambaataa’s Planet Rock, where the green light from the band’s Circuital cover comes and beams James to a similar Martian surface that the Curiosity is exploring now.

The video was directed by James Frost, who previously helmed Radiohead’s “House of Cards” and OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass.” “Outta My System” is the feature track from MMJ’s O u t t a M y S y s t e m – R e m i x e z Y F r i e n d z E P, which will feature remixes of the Circuital track by Washed Out and Dave Sitek. The EP will be digitally released tomorrow.