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See How Deadmau5 Made a Video With MCR’s Gerard Way

“You guys are a part of, officially, the highest-budget electronic music video of all time.” That’s Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, in a new six-minute clip that goes behind the scenes of his upcoming music video for “Professional Griefers,” the EDM mousetro’s collaboration with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Directed by Paul Boyd, whose videography spans from every Shania Twain video you remember to Mick Jagger supergroup SuperHeavy, the video is due out on August 29. It involves a Bladerunner-inspired dome, the desert, and 2,000 fans. Also, extensive animation. When Way sings, “Gimme the sound to see,” he must really mean he wants to see something. Find out more details below.