Nightclub Wants Chris Brown and Drake to Pay Up $16 Million

Drake / Photo by Getty Images

When Drake and Chris Brown and their respective entourages got into an infamous brawl at a New York nightclub in June, the dispute allegedly began when someone threw a bottle. At least five bystanders were injured, as well as Breezy, though Drake seemed to come out unscathed. But both stars may get financially scuffed up in the near future — the nightclub in question, WiP, has unsurprisingly decided to join the lawsuit lollapalooza surrounding the incident and sue both stars.

The club’s suit contends each artist’s henchmen “fashioned deadly weapons out of whatever materials they could find, including glasses, alcohol bottles and furniture,” according to TMZ. In total, it claims the pair caused $16 million in damages to the club — which the New York Times once described as a “modern reimagination of Andy Warhol’s Factory.”

The lawsuit also provides the club’s take on what happened that night, claiming the duo “shared a grudge against the other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman.” The suit continues by saying, “Each arrived with his own small army of bodyguards, ‘security’ personnel, employees, friends and other members of their entourage consisting of at least 15 heavily built men trained and/or experienced in hand-to-hand and weapons combat.” And apparently it then says they commanded their “goons” — to use TMZ’s word — to go to war.

The next possible time Brown, Drake and Rihanna will be in the same room is at the MTV Video Music Awards, where the latter two are the most nominated artists this year. How many millions is a Moon Man fetching these days?


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