Mosca and Katy B Revisit ‘Bax’ On New Rinse Single


Mosca’s “Done Me Wrong” and “Bax,” released last summer on Glasgow’s Numbers imprint, were highlights of the ongoing U.K. garage revival. Reviving the plucky organ bass and fidgety, swinging drums of Groove Chronicles, Zed Bias, and the style of 2-step known briefly as “nu dark swing,” Mosca’s tunes were dead ringers for the rough-cut, spit-and-chewing-gum anthems of yore. Simon Reynolds would probably count the record as another win for retromania in its protracted battle against futurism, but it sure worked wonders on the dance floor. (I, for one, welcome our new nu dark swing overlords.)

What comes around goes around, and now it comes around again, as “Bax” provides the foundation for Mosca’s next single on London’s Rinse label, “What You Came For.” This time, Mercury Prize nominee Katy B assumes the spotlight, with Mosca’s glancing horn stabs and rude bass womp falling in line behind her scene-stealing turn; there’s also a killer new bridge that goes all neo-soul before we’re plunked smack down in the middle of 1999 again. Party like it’s whatever year you want it to be.


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