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MellowHype Channel Afro-Latin Heat in ‘La Bonita’ Clip

The Odd Future crew are transitioning quicker than expected from buzzworthy DIY skate-rap roustabouts into a multi-tiered cultural force whose hip-hop arm is, despite some early indications, quite freaking buff. Last night, the label released the video for the new single “La Bonita” by MellowHype — the swaggering twosome of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats — and it’s an easy-to-love three minutes of eye candy and ear food served Wolf Gang style. For instance, there is a hot nun with a shotgun.

The beat itself is fittingly laced with Afro-Latin drums, but its foundation lies in the blunted Madlib grit and propulsive Neptunes funk that bubble throughout. Left takes the lead-off verse and makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world that the guy who started solely as the pair’s producer should now run the show. But his G’d up baritone is perfectly matched by Hodgy’s higher pimp tone and despite the duo’s penchant for going punk-wild at shows, they keep it relaxed, straightforward.

“La Bonita” is the first single from Mellowhype’s Numbers LP, due out October 2. Odd Future Records are debuting the video for Trash Talk’s “F.E.B.N.” tonight, while the Camp Flog Gnaw (they do love their anagrams) posse U.S. tour kicks off tomorrow in Norfolk, Virginia.