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LCD Soundsystem’s Movie Is Available on iTunes Right Now

A still from Shut Up and Play the Hits

Last month, LCD Soundsystem screened their swansong, Shut Up and Play the Hits — a touching documentary filmed in 2011 covering highlights from their final gig and James Murphy’s immediate readjustment to real life — at various movie theaters around the U.S. From our experience, it was a fun, funny, touching portrait of Murphy’s bristling neck beard and a band exiting on top. Now the studio that released it, the Adam Yauch-cofounded Oscilloscope Laboratories, has made the doc available for download or rental on iTunes. The HD movie is yours to own for $12.99 ($4.99 for a rental) and the regular version is $9.99 ($3.99 for a rental).

But if owning 1’s and 0’s isn’t enough, the band is also releasing the doc as a DVD via its own website. That edition will contain three discs — one of the film and two others covering every last yelp, hug and tear the band shared with the crowd over that evening’s many hours. You can watch the trailer for the doc below.