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Hear Nude Beach’s Punk-Scuffed Roots-Rocker ‘Radio’

Nude Beach

Nude Beach toured with fellow Brooklynites the Men, owners of the SPIN Essential album Open Your Heart, earlier this year. That should give you an idea of what’s in store on “Radio,” a track from Nude Beach’s new album II, which the Other Music label releases on August 14. It’s a rollicking, road-dusted take on dive-bar classic rock à la Tom Petty, played with the sweaty ferocity of local do-it-yourself scene vets. Where the Men sing, “When I hear the radio / I don’t care that it’s not me,” Nude Beach’s views on the dial are more defeated: “The radio’s playin’ a sad song / I don’t wanna hear,” moans lead singer and guitarist Chuck Betz, as he contemplates “goin’ back home.” From opening drum volley to the blues-damaged guitar solo, this particular sad song — which you do want to hear — is the sound of Nude Beach refusing to retreat. They’re in love with rock’n’roll, and they’ll be out all night.