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Hear Gwyneth Paltrow’s Summer Jams Playlist

Gwyneth Paltrow / Photo by Getty Images

It seems like Gwyneth Paltrow realized summer is coming to an end — but she’s not saying farewell without a fight. (Being in the only real blockbuster of the season will have that effect on people.) Clinging to what’s left of 2012’s warm rays, she released a 13-track playlist today on Jay-Z’s Life + Times website featuring her favorite summer jams.”

Her playlist is eclectic, bringing up the question of just how, exactly, she’s been spending her summer — it’s hard to imagine a situation where French Montana and Neon Indian would sound right played next to each other. In case you really needed her to beat you over the head with her genre-hopping ways, Paltrow wraps up the playlist with a mash-up of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Shame on a Nigga” and Fugazi’s “Blueprint.” She writes, “As you can probably tell, I like ethereal, mellow music in the summer time.” Ah, yes, that explains all the Juicy J.

Hear most of it below! Tune in, turn on, goop out. And we’ll see you at Made in America fest!