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Eminem ‘Really Focused’ on Music Right Now

Eminem / Photo by Getty Images

“I think that this is one of those things that hip-hop really needs right now,” Eminem said in a recent interview with Detroit radio DJ Nick Craig, regarding the forthcoming album by the rap supergroup Slaughterhouse, which consists of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9″. The man who files taxes as Marshall Mathers — and was recently declared the most popular person on Facebook with 60 million fans (“That sounds like a lot,” said Em when told the number) — has been very “hands on” with the latest Slaughterhouse record, Welcome to: Our House, which is due out August 28.

“I actually started my album, but I haven’t fully went in yet because I’ve been finishing up the Slaughterhouse record,” Eminem said. “I’ve kind of been executive producing, producing, coproducing, mixing… very involved.” Speaking of the group’s only member to come from the Detroit region where Eminem grew up, he said, “Me and Royce have been friends for a long time. When he started this group and got these guys together, it was one of those things where I’m very into the technical aspect of lyrics… All the guys from Slaughterhouse are very into the technical aspect too. It’s fun for me to hear the different pockets these guys get in with flows and things like that. I’m really into that.”

When it comes to his own musical plans, though, Eminem comes off cagey. “My album, I don’t have a date yet,” and later teased the interviewer when he was asked about the next time he’ll do a concert. One thing that is for certain though, is that even with the 10th anniversary of the movie 8 Mile approaching, Mathers is not itching to do a sequel. “I don’t have any plans to do that as of yet,” he said. “I’ve been really into the music with everything right now. I’m really focused on that and trying to I guess get the label back in a place where we want it to be again.”