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Eminem, Now Almost as Popular as Texas Hold’Em Poker

Eminem / Photo by Getty Images

A lot of people like Eminem—and not just like Eminem, but, you know, like “like” Eminem, something about 60 million fans worldwide have decided to tell the world by clicking a button on the rapper’s Facebook page. The deluge of “likes” has managed to make Marshall Bruce Mathers III the most popular person on the social-networking site, according to CNET, ranking his No. 5 on the list of most-liked pages just behind YouTube and Texas Hold’Em Poker, which have 61 million and 63 million likes respectively.

This places the rapper just ahead of the most popular person at this year’s VMAs, Rihanna, who needs about 700,000 more “likes” to match Em.

For those of you keeping track of the social registry, here’s how the Top 10 Facebook pages for musicians currently break down (data courtesy of PageData): 1. Eminem – 60,130,272 “likes”
2. Rihanna – 59,408,479 “likes”
3. Shakira – 53,398,717 “likes”
4. Lady Gaga – 53,015,745 “likes”
5. Michael Jackson – 51,189,661 “likes”
6. Justin Bieber – 45,743,669 “likes”
7. Katy Perry – 45,542,131 “likes”
8. Linkin Park – 44,294,261 “likes”
9. Akon – 41,271,808 “likes”
10. Lil Wayne – 39,835,454 “likes”