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Download Supreme Cuts’ Remix of Physical Therapy’s ‘Drone On’ WIth Jamie Krasner

Physical Therapy

Fresh off Chrome Lips, their dank, gothed-out mixtape with the 16-year-old Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul, Chicago’s Supreme Cuts return with a dreamy remix of Physical Therapy’s “Drone On” featuring Jamie Krasner.

Just about the only thing the two releases have in common is that they’re both free. Where Chrome Lips sounds like rap’s answer to Demdike Stare, their “Drone On” remix has all the golden glow and feathery drift of a Swedish shampoo advertisement from the ’70s. The original, released this spring on Physical Therapy’s Safety Net EP (Hippos in Tanks), was already a particularly buoyant fusion of drum ‘n’ bass and ’90s trance, and Supreme Cuts’ jittery, footworking toms and spider-legged hi-hats lend a whole new level of levitating grace. Imagine Cocteau Twins going juke, and you’re just about there.