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Britney Spears Tweets at Mars Rover, Curiosity Prefers Anthrax

Photo by Getty Images

A couple of days ago, Britney Spears tweeted at Curiosity — NASA’s radioisotope-powered Martian space rover — “So @MarsCuriosity… does Mars look the same as it did in 2000?” She then linked to her video for “Oops!… I Did It Again,” which takes place on, of course, Mars. The $2.5 billion piece of electronics was actually kind enough to reply, “Hey Brit Brit. Mars is still looking good. Maybe someday an astronaut will bring me a gift, too. Drill bits crossed ;).” Adorable! But the rover might not be as keen on “Brit Brit” as it lets on.

As revealed in an AMA session with the “engineers and scientists on the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission” here (via Business Insider), the rover listens to a variety of classic rock and metal (even Anthrax), but no Britney Spears. Apparently, the scientists operating the rover like to send it themed wake-up songs, which have ranged from the Beatles to showtunes to Wagner. Check out the full Martian soundtrack below.

Sol 2: The Beatles, “Good Morning Good Morning”
Sol 3: Singin’ in the Rain, “Good Morning”
Sol 5: Richard Wagner, “The Ride of the Valkyries,” and the R10 [software upgrade] victory song: Theme From “Mission: Impossible”
Sol 6: Anthrax’s “Got the Time” and 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Echelon”
Sol 7: The Doors, “Break on Through”, and George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You”
Sol 8: John Williams, Star Wars Theme
Sol 9: Simon and Garfunkel, “Wake Up Little Susie”
Sol 10: Frank Sinatra, “Come Fly With Me”