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Born to Leak: Hear Four Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Lana Del Rey / Photo by Nicole Nodland

Lana Del Rey’s expanded “Paradise” edition of major-label debut Born to Die isn’t due until November, but four previously unreleased tracks with her unmistakable voice on them have recently surfaced online (via ONTD). One is a splashy, Del Rey-sung version of “Ghetto Baby,” the song she wrote for British pop singer Cheryl Cole’s June album A Million Lights (“We’re a match made in heaven,” Del Rey raps). Otherwise, the most intriguing of the leaks on first listen is the trip-hoppy “Serial Killer,” a stalker anthem with a textured, spacious production. Also leaked is the bluesy, “Sexual Healing”-quoting pop-funk of “Ooh Baby” and the talkie, weirdly obvious “Summer of Sam,” both of which feel like shots that just somehow miss Born to Die‘s image-conscious hood-Lolita bullseye. On that last song, Del Rey proclaims, “I am the baddest girl in NYC” — can’t imagine that anyone else would have anything to say about that, right? Listen below, while they last.

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