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This much-mythologized Los Angeles singer-songwriter has blossomed from prolific, no-fi cult personality (in the vein of hero R. Stevie Moore) to one of the new century’s most influential recording artists through his chill waves of unease. He first entered the larger conversation music when The Doldrums (one of eight innately psychedelic albums he wrote and recorded alone on eight-track between 1998 and 2004) was re-issued in 2004 on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks imprint. Since then, his outsider vision of the pop canon’s darkest corners, has evolved into a new blueprint for a generation of bedroom recording artists. Avey Tare: To us, he represents somebody who’s just their own individual personality, doing their own thing…

Geologist: And there are a lot of people now in his periphery! But there’s no one quite like the original.