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2 Chainz and Awkward Kanye West Star in Surreal ‘Birthday Song’ Video

So we may not have been in love with 2 Chainz’ debut LP, Based on a T.R.U. Story, that dropped on Tuesday, but that doesn’t stop us from basking in the swaggering surreality of the brand new video for his single “Birthday Song,” featuring an often awkward Kanye West and all kinds of other crazy shit.

In the song, 2 Chainz identifies himself as a simple man with simple tastes: “All I want for my birthday is a big-booty hoe,” and yet the party that director Andreas Nilsson (Fever Ray, Miike Snow) throws him is utterly complex. There are quadruplets getting lap dances, a woman who is made up to look like a cake next to a cake that is made up to look like a woman, a young version of 2 Chainz who is sporting only one chain, a middle-aged Middle Eastern man tipping a 40 and cooking like Lil B, a contortionist, a midget, and a clown that gets jumped.

Throughout it all, 2 Chainz moves with the confidence and precision of a jaguar, not once fazed by the cavalcade of weird in which he is suddenly immersed. His titular neckpieces barely move. At one point, he flips his hair to the sides with a casual ease that suggests this is but a day in the life. Meanwhile, Mr. West, no stranger to strange, nearly falls off the booby-plastered bicycle he’s riding, seems distracted by the “baddest bitch contest” going down in the living room, and later adjusts his cap neurotically.

Does it means something that Kanye’s wearing at least three chains at all times? Decide for yourself.