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Watch TNGHT’s Paint-Spattered, Rave-Hop ‘Bugg’n’ Video

The yellow- and blue-splattered red background from the cover artwork for TNGHT, the self-titled debut EP by genre-straddling electronic producers Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, features prominently in the EP’s first proper video (via Fader). It hangs on a wall in a room where a young child plays. It’s projected behind TNGHT as they perform onstage at a wild party. Its neon colors smear on a metallic surface as the duo enters the venue.

Created by Peter Marsden, who directed the video for “Bugg’n” with the Lucky Me label’s creative director Dominic Flannigan, that artwork also hints at what to expect from TNGHT’s music: a masterful combination of anarchic energy and museum-ready precision. Shots of a small child playing neatly complement the track’s “Are You That Somebody?”-style infant coos, while footage of goldfish in a bowl goes along with the watery, bloopy noises.

That massive, lurching bass? The disembodied guttural shout? Those air-raid whooshes? Well, the creepy Elmo-like toy, frightened-looking woman, and night-driving urban images — not to mention all those rave-crazed live-show revelers — help explain all that. And then it’s clean-up time.

Watch the video below, and stream the full EP here.