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Watch Slug Guts’ Sax-Skronked ‘Scum’ Video

'Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat' is out now on Sacred Bones

Earlier this week, Australian noise rockers Slug Guts released their third album, Playin’ in Time With the Deadbeat, via Sacred Bones Records. The newly posted video for murk-mongering opener “Scum” plunges us right in the middle of the six-piece band’s dank scrum, looking out into a swamp of guitar and bass-guitar necks. Cigarettes are puffed, no-wave saxophone is honked, and raw-throated vocals are howled. And then Slug Guts push everything into the red. Directed by Aussie filmmaking duo Sam Dixon and Adric Watson, it’s a stark and harrowing introduction to an album forged out of what the label describes as a year of mental hospitals, courtrooms, jail cells, funerals, and rehab centers.