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Watch Django Django’s Futuristic ‘Hail Bop’ Video

Still from "Hail Bop"

Django Django’s hybrid of ’60s psych-pop harmonies, late-’70s post-punk abstraction, and 21st-century state-of-the-art production defies simple categorization. The Scottish group’s self-titled debut album came out earlier this year in the U.K., but it will be available in the U.S. via iTunes on August 14 and physically via Ribbon Music on September 25. The new video for Django Django‘s “Hail Bop” helps explain the unique approach of this Beta Band-related crew (drummer/producer Dave MacLean’s brother is the Betas’ DJ/sampler John MacLean) better than any words could: Singer/guitarist Vinnie Neff can be seen pushing what might be the title astronomical object up a computer-generated staircase into an uncanny digital paradise. “The only clue we gave directors [Daniel Swan] is that the song is about something that passes by once in a lifetime like a comet,” Django Django’s MacLean told NPR, which premiered the video. “Before you know it’s off again into deep space never to be seen again.” Better pay attention, then.