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Watch Cloud Nothings Rip Through ‘Stay Useless’ on ‘Fallon’

In January, Cleveland’s Dylan Baldi released his third proper album as Cloud Nothings, SPIN Essentials pick Attack on Memory, and officially put the world on notice: What was once a home lo-fi noise-pop project is now a full-fledged rock band. Cloud Nothings had their chance to show a TV audience last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and it didn’t hurt that they picked the new record’s most immediately stirring cut, “Stay Useless.” Baldi recently told us the group picked Steve Albini to produce Attack on Memory because he makes bands “sound like they’re playing a live show,” and the evidence was on display last night. You might be able to pick out a jitter of nerves here or there, but the Dave Grohl-gruff hooks and scuzzily triumphant thrum are clearly in their element on stage. “I need time,” Baldi howls, but as with kindred spirits Japandroids’ Celebration Rock, this goes better with frosty beer than fine wine.