Truckin’: Go Behind No Doubt’s ‘Settle Down’ Video

She's happy about the Harajuku part

Now that they’ve promised their first album in over a decade has a name and is indeed coming out this fall, No Doubt are tormenting fans, including Lady Gaga, already itching to hear new material with a seemingly exhaustive parade of teaser videos (a habit they share with fellow 1990s rockers Green Day). Their latest webisode, which follows the one last month that assured the prominence of horns and reggae, gives a nearly four-minute yet ultimately rather frustrating preview of the imminent video for their first single, “Settle Down” (via ONTD).

The video, the preview reveals, will welcome back Sophie Muller, who’s helmed eight of No Doubt’s most iconic videos starting with “Don’t Speak” in 1996 (not to mention five of Gwen Stefani’s solo clips), to orchestrate a flock of semi trucks tailored to each band member’s personal style (Gwen, much to her delight, returns to Harajuku form, while Tony Kanal gets a Hindu-bangled rig and drummer Adrian Young’s is EDM-friendly in neon lights) that reunite the band members with true reunion-esque symbolism. As for what the song itself sounds like, Young confirms that it’s a return to the band’s “Jamaican dancehall” aesthetic, but only about 37 seconds of the three minutes, 43 seconds of the video are actually dedicated to clips from the song; to make matters worse, it’s the same 12 or so seconds of the song, repeated over and over. Still, fans don’t have to wait too long to see and hear the finished product; Ryan Seacrest announced via Instagram yesterday that the video debuts on E! Monday night (July 16) at 8 p.m.

For a refresher as to what the band has been doing for the past seven months while allegedly working on Push and Shove, which drops September 25 via Interscope, check out our handy-dandy Twitpic timeline.


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