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Tenacious D Show in Las Vegas Halted by Stabbing

Jack Black / Photo by Getty Images

In what’s becoming a very disturbing trend, there’s been another instance of knife-related violence at a concert this summer. Sometime around when comedy-rock duo Tenacious D began playing their ode to camaraderie, “Friendship,” Saturday night in Las Vegas, a fight broke out in the audience. While details remain unclear, a stabbing during the altercation sent one or two concertgoers to the hospital, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and at least one person landed in police custody. The incident ended the concert a half-hour early, and police would not allow fans to leave until the area was secure. It also led authorities to cancel the following night’s performance by another comedy-rock troupe, Steel Panther, according to local 8 News Now.

A commenter on the Review-Journal site claims to be sister of one of those who were attacked. “My brother was one of the stab victims at this concert,” Miracle Martinez writes. “Him and one of his friends were both stabbed…my brother just happened to get it worse than his friend. [They] actually had nothing to do with the altercation itself; they just happened to be standing around where it happened. Thankfully they were both OK.” She goes onto say that her brother was attending another sibling’s bachelor party, and that she expects her brother to continue to be a Tenacious D fan. “Maybe Tenacious D would like to come to my brother’s wedding and finish his concert,” she ended her comment, with a requisite “hahaha.”

This latest concert stabbing comes on the heels of two different incidents where fans were knifed at Swedish House Mafia concerts (read about the first here and the second here). A Cro-Mags concert during New York’s CBGB fest also ended in violence when the group’s former bassist, Harley Flanagan, slashed the band’s current bassist.