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Sony’s Walkman Lives! Sort Of

Photo courtesy Sony

The Walkman lives! Well, sort of. Sony announced yesterday that it would be Frankensteining reviving its iconic music player once again — no, not the cassette one; that was sent out to pasture in 2010 (though that might need to be reconsidered sooner or later). The electronics manufacturer launched another pair of digital successors, the F800 and the E470, as the line’s latest models, rivaling, of course, the catchier-named Apple competitor products, the iPod and iPod Touch, AllThingsD reports via the Daily Swarm.

The F800 features a touch screen, naturally, as well as Web access and Bluetooth capabilities (for wireless headphone usage), and runs for $269.99 (16GB) or $299.99 (32GB). The E470 comes at a more conservative $79.99 (8GB) and $109.99 (16GB), but appeals to the more, er, reminiscent tech user, operating via the traditional MP3 click-wheel, having Sudoku and Tetris built in, and lacking Internet access. What makes it cool, though, is that it’s a sleek quarter of an inch thick). The pair rolls out in August.

For some hardcore Walkman nostalgia, check out Time’s history of the device, which first arrived in 1979, and Walkman Central, a very complete archive of Walkman info.