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See How Santigold’s ‘The Keepers’ Clip Was Made

This spring, SPIN caught iPad cover star Santi “Santigold” White at an interesting moment: the minute she realized thieves had stripped her black Escalade of some chrome right outside her home in Bed Stuy, a grittier portion of north central Brooklyn. Ostensibly, it’s a place far, far away from the dinner table the Philly-bred, Brooklyn-bound pop dynamo chose as the central setting for her recent and self-directed clip for “The Keepers,” a barbed and haunting highlight from this year’s SPIN Essential’d master stroke Master of My Make-Believe. Below, check out a lively snippet of behind-the-scenes footage captured during filming, replete with interviews with White and her fellow actors, including young Wyeth Frenay, who points out that not only was most of the radioactive food laid out on said dinner table “questionable,” but “the chicken had boobs” as well. Enjoy: