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Sebadoh Suddenly Release First New Songs Since 1999

Lou Barlow / Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty

Before fans had a chance to tweet the words “Sebadoh are going to put out their first new music in over a decade” the lo-fi pioneers suddenly dropped a five-song EP, called secret, as a “taste of [their] upcoming 2013 album” via their Bandcamp page. It is, in fact, the band’s first new material since 1999’s The Sebadoh. They reissued Bakesale via Sub Pop, in addition to their early recordings for 1990’s Weed Forestin’ via their Bandcamp, earlier this year.

Predictably, as Backstage Rider reports (via Stereogum), the Lou Barlow-fronted trio, who reunited in 2010, recorded and mixed the new songs themselves, with Barlow writing three (“Keep the Boy Alive,” “Arbitrary High,” and “All Kinds”) and Jason Loewenstein writing two (“My Drugs” and “I Don’t Mind”). The artwork and digital release are also entirely band-produced. The EP will be followed by a new album next year, the band says, which will include precisely none of the songs released just now on the EP.

“i repeat: NONE of these songs will be on our forthcoming/in progress 2013 LP,” the band (or at least Barlow) writes. “this is our first new material in 14 years ( wtf! )… proceeds from this will help us continue working on the LP and remain as independent as possible..” Not to get all fact-checking cuz on ’em, but it’s actually been 13 years since The Sebadoh.

Listen to the 100 percent DIY secret EP below, or buy it for a whopping five bucks here, or just wait to buy the physical version, which will only be available on their August tour. A new Dinosaur Jr. record, in case you haven’t heard, is also on its way.

While you wait for either/both records, pretend you went on the Weezer cruise with the band earlier this year here.