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New Footage May Exonerate Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe in Manslaughter Case

Lamb of God

While Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe still sits in a Prague jail on charges of manslaughter, new developments may have arisen that could exonerate him. The charges claim that at a Lamb of God concert in May 2010, the metal singer pushed a 19-year-old fan, identified as Daniel N., who had climbed onstage back into the audience and that the fall resulted in head injuries that ultimately killed Daniel weeks later. Now video has surfaced online, viewable below, that Lamb of God manager Larry Mazer says was filmed at the show in question. The clip depicts the three instances in which Daniel attempts to ascend the stage.

The first shows the man who is alleged to be Daniel climbing onstage and dancing, untouched by anyone, before stage diving back into the audience. The second reiterates footage that appeared online a few days ago, which at that time was said not to be from that show, depicting Blythe and, more so, a security guard throwing the fan from the stage. And the third shows Daniel leaping onto the stage only to roll off into the audience as other fans watch him fall to the ground.

“I got sent this video, which clearly shows a security guy sitting at the edge of the stage,” Mazer told Rolling Stone. “How does the prosecution in the Czech Republic do an investigation of this, charge Randy Blythe with manslaughter, when this video shows a security guy throwing the guy onto the floor?”

Mazer says Blythe’s defense attorney presented the video to the judge yesterday morning. He also says that nobody from Daniel’s family or the venue contacted him at any point in the two years since the alleged incident took place. “This case is so full of holes,” he said. “Nobody reported an injury of any kind at the concert, or after the concert. It was at least an hour to two hours later, supposedly, when this kid went to a hospital.”

In a separate interview Mazer did with the Czech news site (which Blabbermouth translated), he said Blythe’s release may actually take up to 20 days, twice as many as previously reported. Regarding the amount of time it took the group to learn of the incident he said, “The organizer of the concert at Abaton [the club where the 2010 concert took place] now says that the Czech police contacted him three months after the boy died. I do not understand why no one got in touch with us to let us know. The boy was in a coma and then he died, and we never heard from anybody.” When told that the Czech police had contacted American authorities, Mazer reiterated that no one had contacted him.

The deceased fan’s uncle has told that he is “disgusted” by how the Czech judiciary system has proseccuted Blythe’s case. “It’s all about money,” he said, per Blabbermouth. “That is the only concern. The bail of [US] $200,000 is ridiculous.” He also said, he just wants to see justice for Daniel.

Blythe and his management have both expressed concern for Daniel and his family. According to Blabbermouth, the singer would like to meet with Daniel’s family when he is released. But only time will tell if and when that will be able to happen.