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Leader of the Banned: Snoop Dogg Adds Norway to the List of Places He May Not Visit

Snoop the Banned / Photo by Getty Images

After getting busted for carrying eight grams of marijuana while trying to enter Norway in June, the country, which is the home to black metal, church burnings and really good lox, has decided to ban the rap icon from crossing its borders for the next two years. Snoop’s lawyer told the Hollywood Reporter that the artist “can live with the decision.” Presumably because he’s faced this situation before.

In April 2006, the U.K. banned the rapper after he and his entourage caused a scene in Heathrow Airport, when British Airways denied members of Snoop’s crew who had been flying economy entrance into the first class lounge. At the time, Snoop & Co. were so riled they vandalized a duty-free shop. As a result, Snoop was not allowed in Great Britain again until 2010.

The following year, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship chastised Snoop’s general character and banned him from setting foot on the U.K.’s former prison colony, preventing him from cohosting the MTV Australia Video Music Awards. The same authorities changed their minds in 2008, though, allowing Snoop to do a tour, praising him for his charitable work and for his previous behavior in Australia.

The Netherlands barred Snoop’s entry into the home of frat-boy weed worship in June 2010. Although he was set to play the Parkpop Festival, the mayor of the Hague, where the fest takes place, as well as local law-enforcement officials asked festival organizers to find an artist with a more “open and friendly character.” Snoop’s first replacement was dancehall artist Beenie Man, but he was rejected, too, for his homophobic lyrics.

Finally, last year, Snoop and his pal Wiz Khalifa were banned from a California high school where they were filming the video for the title cut for a stoner comedy called, wait for it… High School. The reason? They were smoking weed.