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Hear Indian Handcrafts’ Melvins-Fried ‘Bruce Lee’

Canadian duo Indian Handcrafts are the latest in a short, ecstatic tradition of sludge-pop twosomes like Big Business, Seawhores and Tweakbird, who mix anthemic hooks with Lysol-drenched downtuned muckery. And like all those bands, they’re currently crewing with the mighty Melvins, scoring both Melvins drummers (Dale Crover and Coady Willis) and their longtime producer Toshi Kasai for their Sargent House debut, Civil Disobedience For Losers. It leans mightily into a spastic sludge-funk groove that could give chills to fans of Maggot Brain-era Funkadelic and Big Biz alike &#8212 and maybe pop fans, too, since both dudes have voices that are elastic like metal Minaj. Call it a prog-glurp masterwork with about three different breakdowns. Hear it below: