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Deadmau5 Records New Track Before Fans’ Very Eyes

Get your free copy of "There Might Be Coffee"

Yesterday morning, after a late and, in the musician’s words, “weird ass night,” Deadmau5 logged on to Twitter, announced that he was taking a break from preparing his new live show, and settled in to work on music — all under the watchful eye of any fans that cared to track his progress via Deadmau5 Live, the live video stream from his studio.

Throughout the course of the day, he progressed in fits and starts, tweeting at crucial junctures &#8212 “fuck. feel like starting something else instead“; “too shm for me,” a reference to the Swedish House Mafia; “wow. fuck. all my shit does sound the same. lol to that“; and the final, definitive, “nevermind, ill just finish this track ffs.” Then, 12 hours and 22 minutes after his initial post, he unleashed the finished (but unmastered) track to his SoundCloud account as a free download.

Just imagine how fast he could crank out tunes if he weren’t glued to social media.

Despite its swooning, kinda hokey melodic introduction, “There Might Be Coffee” does not, upon first listen, sound too much like the Swedish House Mafia. (It does sound a little bit like Daft Punk, but no complaints there.) No matter where you stand on Deadmau5’s occasionally curmudgeonly online persona, you can’t deny that giving fans that kind of access is a good look. Plus, the man clearly knows his way around a chord progression.

There may well be more where that came from: Just minutes ago, Deadmau5 posted, “since im on a roll here, working on a new track called “unf*ck” … it’s so messed up, i have to do 2 versions of it. :D” Fortunately for his fans, Deadmau5’s mess just means more table scraps to feast upon.

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