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Danny Brown and AraabMuzik Show Off Ridiculous Talent on Impromptu ‘Molly Ringwald’

Danny Brown / Photo by Ian Witlen

“You can tell when people are making shit for you to like,” Danny Brown said in an interview previewing his collaboration with producer AraabMuzik, “and I hate that.” Instead, the XXX rapper and the walking MPC advertisement stay true to their respective styles on “Molly Ringwald,” which surfaced in full last night. There’s the ferociously talented Brown, with his distinctively cartoonish voice, coming out swinging hard like a champion boxer with his usual sex and drugs talk; lyrics that jump out on early listens involve Rocawear’s datedness, “freaking”-friendly early-’90s R&B (though might Brown mean to say Silk? Jodeci’s “Freek’N You” didn’t come out until ’95), and Colbert Report fellatio. AraabMuzik sets one of his characteristic gothic-dystopian electronic backdrops, pummeling and ominous. It’s all over in a little more than two minutes, and there are no hooks. But as a track drawn up from scratch, “Molly Ringwald” — out soon as a Joey Bada$$-backed 7″ on Love Letters Ink and due to appear on upcoming Fool’s Gold rap compilation Loosies — is fiery proof of each artist’s considerable gifts.