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The Breaks Not Over: What Are Fall Out Boy Doing Right Now?

Fall Out Boy / Photo by Getty Images

It’s been two and a half years since the members of Fall Out Boy more or less admitted that their “hiatus” was more like a breakup. At the time, Pete Wentz was harumphing around on Twitter and Tumblr about it, and Patrick Stump was telling fans to just give up. But what have the quartet been up to since then? New music from three-quarters of the band has been arriving in the past few months, so SPIN rounded up their current whereabouts:

Patrick Stump
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Last Known Location: New York and Los Angeles
Current Activity: Per Stump’s last official communication with the world, he is not working on fresh songs for himself at the moment (“So somebody tipped me off that apparently I’ve ‘Announced,’ I’m working on new music. Nope,” he blogged). He has been passing the time since releasing pop-funk ’80s-inspired LP Soul Punk working on something with recent Maybach Music signee Rockie Fresh, performing on VH1 with Gym Class Heroes, and explaining why he is a Recording Academy member. Otherwise, he revealed in a candid blog post, he’s being bummed out by the music biz and watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. And, don’t forget, dabbling in acting, most recently making an appearance on House.

Pete Wentz
Instrument: Bass, Twitter
Last Known Location: Wherever there’s wi-fi so he can continue reblogging photos of hot chicks.
Current Activity: Just released an EP this month under his and drummer Spencer Paterson’s newly reborn dance project Black Cards (to jog your memory, read our May 2011 interview with him about it, when it was influenced by ska). Use Your Disillusion‘s release was pushed back a week after Paterson’s dog allegedly ate the masters. We’ve heard that one before, Pete. Listen to the album’s “End of Pretend” featuring singer Matthew Koma, which sounds like emo dance music:

Andy Hurley
Instrument: Drums
Last Known Location: New York and somewhere on the road
Current Activity: His and FOB guitarist Joe Trohman’s metal supergroup the Damned Things, which consisted of the pair plus members of Anthrax and Every Time I Die, are currently also on hiatus, because ETID and Anthrax are both on tour. But Hurley has been Instagramming his workout agenda and, more importantly playing drums: All antsy from years of mid-tempo rockers, Hurley is currently proving himself to be a formidable extreme metal drummer, lending flurrious double kicks and precise blast-bursts to remarkable blackened hardcore band Enabler. Their latest crusty, nihilistic slab, All Hail the Void was just released via venerable doom merchants Southern Lord &#8212 pessimists only!

Joe Trohman
Instrument: Guitar
Last Known Location: Brooklyn, New York and Chicago, Illinois
Current Activity: Also on hiatus with the Damned Things, but released a debut EP, called Schadenfreude, with ex-Every Time I Die bassist Josh Newton under the name With Knives back in April. The band, which, like the Damned Things is quite heavier than FOB, just had to cancel a couple upcoming shows “due to family emergencies.” Trohman also blogs about his humbling post-FOB life sometimes.